Building a Digital Advertising Strategy: What You Should Do

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3 min readApr 23, 2021


If your business has not yet created an identity in the digital platform, then you are surely missing a lot of your customers. What is the secret to reaching them? Well, to create a digital identity. And to do so, first, you need to build a digital marketing strategy.

But how to create a digital advertising strategy that will work for your business. Follow this guide -

  1. Understand your potential audience

Before you market your products or services effectively, first, you need to understand exactly who you are marketing to. This is why your first step would be to know your existing audience. There are diverse ways to do so. But the effective ways include analytics, surveys, and feedback forms, conversations with sales, etc. This will give you an idea of who your target audience is, what are the challenges they are facing, and how your business can target their pain points.

Equipped with that information, you can build out different buyer personas and make it easy to remember who you’re speaking to through your marketing efforts — and target your messages accordingly.

2. Set your goals

When building your digital advertising strategy for Kentucky SEO, you should have a long-term goal in mind. It should be something that is more specific and motivating than market your business. One of the ideal ways to set your goal is to use the SMART goal framework (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound).

Working with all the above-mentioned things will help you set your goals that provide enough context to move in the right direction. And when you want something different, you can set objective and key results for the digital marketing efforts to make sure you have as much impact as possible.

3. Check your past efforts

Planning a strategy and working on it is not an easy task. You may feel that you need to start from scratch. However, it is not the case. You are doing some marketing at this point. And it means that the wheels are already in motion.

Conducting an audit of your past efforts to get a feel for what has worked well and what hasn’t. It will give you a better handle on what you need to be doing more of. This is also a great opportunity to gather content along with other assets — from social media graphics to get information. You can repurpose it later according to your needs.

4. Map it all out

Once you have all the main elements — your audience, goals, and means — worked out, it is time to make a digital marketing strategy template that you can use. How to begin? Well, start with a simple calendar that can pull out all of your different elements together.

For example, you can start with an email marketing campaign and then start adding other things later. And with any progress, you need to be committed to some trial and error.

And if you are finding it difficult to make a proper strategy that will work for your business, then worry no more. The experts of Digital Bombers are there to help you. Whether you want to build a Lexington Ky SEO campaign or need assistance in website design and development, we are here to help you. Contact us and avail of our services today!



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